Fair Trade and Fashion Industry Work Ethics

It's great people are really interested in where their products they chose to purchase are being made. Ethical manufacture is very important to me and my ethos of business.

I support the #whomadeyouclothes campaign.

Leonard St is honoured to have the ability to contribute to improving trading and manufacture conditions and promote sustainability in the countries where our product is made. Early in my career I saw some factories where the workers are not happy and this is not something I condone or support.

Leonard St. made in Australia, Bali and China 

Leonard St - Bali screen printing

I design all the print so we print by screen or digital process at my factory in Bali, Indonesia. Here is some information on my factories and manufacturing processes. If you have any further questions please feel free to email me directly on amanda@leonardstreet.com.au.

We manufacture a small amount, 10% of the Leonard St collection in Australia, due to the impact on final price point of the garments. My manufacturers who cut and sew are in Windsor, 81A Chapel St, they have a shop front for alterations. All contractors are paid with Australian regulations and have high standard of living as per Australian average. Leonard St donates old stock in Australia to the LIFE programme, St Kilda Mums, Red Cross and the Salvation Army. The left over fabric is often donated to charity to make uniforms for school children, community groups and sports teams.

Working conditions in Bali

60% or more of the Leonard St range is made in Bali, Indonesia. I have a small factory there just outside of Denpasar. It is a converted 2 story house. It is like my second home and I love and appreciate all the staff who work here. The company name is Bali Ryan Garment and it is very clean and of an excellent standard.

Leonard St - Bali Ryan Garment factory
Leonard St - Bali factory cutting table
Leonard St - Happy Bali Ryan Garment worker
Leonard St - Bali workers in factory
Leoanrd St - Hand painting prints in Bali
Leonard St - Sloth hand painted print
Leonard St - Bali workers family lunch
Leonard St - Bali workers day out
Leoanrd St - Screen printing in Bali
Leonard St - Black sloth print drying after printing

When we visit we have lunch with all the staff and join in religious festival celebrations with them. I am very lucky to have met the factory owner Mr Jonny Sutikno and have him supervise most of the Leonard St production. The ethical practices are higher than any I have seen before. They do staff activities like going white water rafting, or a visit the mountains where the climate is cooler for a picnic and to play some soccer every 2 or 3 months. My Sutikno hires a bus and they go all together with their families.

They have a volley ball court in the back of the factory where they can play volley ball. They have 1 hour for lunch, and they often sleep after they have eaten as this is the hottest part of the day. Some workers who have difficult family circumstances work from home so they can look after their children, and bring their work into the factory once a week.

Family and social values

Leonard St - family

I really value my role in this culture and employment and well-being of these people. I visit with my family and spend roughly 2 months a year here, my children love it and we are very lucky to have this opportunity in life to be part of another culture.

In October 2013 we visited during the celebration of Indul Adha and my family joined in the festivities, all the children play together and my daughters Balinese language has become better than mine! Religion is an important part of life in Indonesia and all rituals are respected and practiced within working hours. There are prayer rooms provided for Muslim staff and lunch is provided as part of their pay within the preparations of their religious beliefs. The Balinese people are of Hindi religion, its a beautiful, peaceful, nature based belief system with many ceremonies and celebration which all staff are able to take leave form work to go back to their villages to take part in.

Working conditions in China

Approximately 30% of the Leonard St range is made in China, denims, felted wool coating and specialty knits. The factory I use is based in Dongguan and my supervisor Sylvia Shum is based in Hong Kong, her company name is iMarch Trading, I go and see her every 6 months and we go out for Yum Cha!

She took me around to the factory many years ago to show me behind the scenes, and we also visited a "work by the piece" factory to see the difference in standard and work environments. China is a global leader their people demand increasingly high pay rates as the standard of living rapidly improves. The factories Leonard St uses are clean and air conditioned with space between the sewing machines, all workers are treated well. My supervisor visits throughout production to ensure standards are maintained and quality of both products and workers remain high.

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