Leonard St.

Sustainable and ethical fashion

By choosing Leonard St, you’re supporting sustainable and ethical fashion.

We make clothes to make people smile. We hope you enjoy wearing them. Leonard St designs began back in 2004 with the desire to make playful pieces that evoke joy in the wearer and the viewer. Leonard St duds are designed to make you feel good in them and about who made them.

We have been working with the same factory, Ryan Bali Garment based in Bali for over 10 years now and this partnership is growing as we both support each other in aiming to achieve a positive impact on social community and the Earth.

There is always more to do and more to learn, and as this part of the process is becomes the most important part. Here are some of the system we have implemented in working towards our GREEN clothing goals.

Zero waste in production

All off cuts are kept to be turned into "bi-products" of our cutting process.

Our Zero Waste bi-products include;
lavender bags, tote carry bags, scrunchies, collars and the kids wear collection

No plastic

We say no to individual wrapping our garments in plastic, in order reduce plastics in our world, so we opt to use one sheet of plastic to line boxes in transit to protect our clothing. These sheets are kept and taken back to Bali each season when visiting to be reused again and again.

No waste inter Store Deliveries

For our weekly stock deliveries into stores we use large cloth duffel bags which we made form imperfect print cotton drill many years ago. They are still going strong and we rotate them back to our warehouses to keep the circle going. This means we avoid using any plastics or cardboard boxes in the weekly delivery process and help reduce waste.

Mono Filament fabrics

All our fabrics are mono filament, that means the threads that make up the yarns and are our base cloths are a singe flioment fibre, known as mono-filoment, and therefore do not break up into multi filaments that can be broken down over time and washed away into our water systems during the washing process.

Ethical Workplace

We partner with a local Indonesian company, Ryan Bali Garment, located in a large factory space just outside of Denpasar, to produce more than 60% of the Leonard St range. Ryan Bali Garment is our second home and we consider the staff who work there part of our 'Leonard St family'.

Although Bali does not have an official accreditation for an Ethical Workplace we are proud to support a factory who pays their staff well above base salary, and also offers staff a health care card to ensure they can visit a Doctor if needed, the factory owner Jonny Sutikno pays sick pay, contributes to the cost of weddings, provides holiday pay for the annual tradition holidays for both main religions in Indonesia Muslim and Hindu.

Bali factory cutting table
Happy Bali Ryan Garment worker
Bali workers in factory
Hand painting prints in Bali
Sloth hand painted print
Bali workers family lunch
Bali workers day out
Screen printing in Bali
Black sloth print drying after printing

Jonny also offers accommodation at the factory and off site for those who need it and also at a smaller house he used to use for Leonard St when we first started our production with him 10 years ago. The factory supports 60 staff most of who have been with him for 10 years plus and is more like a family, and I believe that speaks volumes to an Ethical Workplace.

This is Nural, she is checking the stitching on the Boat Neck Jumpers in Gerbera. Always with the biggest smile.

This is Midi sewing Wing Tip Tops in Possum, he and his 2 brothers are all sewers, and Rohman is in the background, he always has a cheeky grin.

We would like to Congratulate Maya & Armett, two of the staff at the factory recently got married. Both have been working with Johnny for 8 years and started with him when they were 17 years old. Maya is the Leonard St Production Manager and Armett is the Head Cutter, they make a beautiful couple and we wish them all the best.

from left; Mr Jonny Sutikno; owner of Ryan Bali Garment factory, Armett; Head Cutter, Maya; Production Manager, Ria; Jonny's wife, Bilquish; Jonny's daughter

The factory we use in China is a French-owned company Nova Palm factory in Dongguan to produce around 30% of the Leonard St range, including denims, felted wool coating and specialty knitwear. The factory has Ethical Standards accreditation passing the Business Social Compliance Initiative audit. We are aiming to source other factories that can also offer this certification.

No single use plastics in the factory

All staff are issued with a water bottle and refill at the main water tank for drinking water. Lunch is also provided so this avoids any bought lunches in disposable plastics, this also helps to spread education at a local level about harmful effects of single use plastic thorough the community.

On special occasions the staff all eat together and Jonny often provides feasts for religious days - and sometimes when we visit too! Alistair, one of our Directors, was surprised with birthday celebrations earlier this year.

We also have some new projects in the pipeline including swimwear and knitwear made from recycled plastic. So stay tuned!

Bali celebrations with cake!

Bali spicy chicken feasts

Bali yummy food

Bali celebration lunch

So please know that when you support Leonard St you are supporting all the people involved in bringing these pieces to life from design to production to retail and online, and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support.