The story of Leonard St.

Designed in Melbourne, Leonard St women's clothing is made in line with fair trade practices and created to last you a lifetime.

Amanda McCarthy - Leonard St. Owner and Designer

Born accidentally in 2004 from doodles and experiments, Leonard St is inspired by a bold style aesthetic. Our adventurous prints and poppin' designs are the result of founder Amanda McCarthy's love of print, colour and beautiful fabrics.

When it's nice and quiet, Amanda likes to draw the bold and sophisticated designs for Leonard St with her favourite music on. Whether it's the print for a new jumpsuit or addition to a classic bomber jacket, working by hand with a trusty grey lead is a big part of her design process.

Amanda takes her cues from the imaginative world of children's stories, folklore and myths. The charm of animal characters and mythical creatures has made a big statement in her designs over the last few years. She also draws inspiration from symbols, nature and Modern Art – these big, bold shapes and patterns appear in many of her eye-catching prints.

This pairing of gorgeous illustrations or geometric patterns with chic colour palettes is part of what makes Leonard St one of Melbourne's most loved ethical clothing brands.

"I love to see people responding to the prints and the power of an image to evoke emotion."
- Amanda McCarthy, founder and designer of Leonard St.

It all starts with a silhouette.

The collections are inspired by Amanda's background in Ceramic Design & Sculpture. The line of each piece is the starting point for each iconic bold design. The result? Flattering garments with a feel for construction and strong colour palettes, with highlight signature prints every season.

Melbourne made, globally loved.

Amanda loves to collaborate. Some of her favourite projects have been with Sportsgirl and Porsche. High profile fans like Katy Perry, Florence Welch, Clare Bowditch, Justine Clarke and Poh Ling Yeow admire her designs. And Leonard St clothing has graced the catwalks of Melbourne, London and Beijing, with more collaborations to come.

A legacy of fashion in Melbourne.

Memories of school holidays spent in her grandfather Laurie McCarthy's factory had a resounding effect. He started his own label under his namesake in 1948, which is still in operation today.

This history coupled with Amanda's diverse retail and styling experience, gave her the confidence to launch Leonard St in 2004.

Now, with stores in Adelaide and Melbourne, (hope/plan to open in Sydney soon) Leonard St is a cherished part of women's wardrobes worldwide.

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